At Ambary Gardens, we do things a bit differently and are extremely proud of the culture we’ve created. The CBD industry is booming as you’ve probably noticed. We’re thrilled to see so many people embracing CBD and turning to it as a quality alternative remedy. Having said that, we have been sustainably growing our Hemp plants since 2013 and have been extracting, formulating and producing some of the highest quality CBD products on the market. To say we’re proud of our operation would be an understatement. On that note, we are selective in who we trust to represent the Ambary brand. Please read the guidelines below prior to applying to ensure this is the right fit all around.


Why be a Wholesaler?

We’re always thrilled when our loyal customers or passionate CBD ambassadors ask to partner up. We offer a straightforward Wholesale program for those interested in representing the Ambary brand with integrity and knowledgeability. While there is certainly money to be made, assisting people in their health and wellness is truly priceless. This is an exciting, growing industry and we would love to have you come aboard!

Who is Wholesaler Right for?

We are looking for a few key aspects in our WHL partnerships, which will be necessary in maintaining this business relationship. Ideally, you are in a wellness related industry and willing to familiarize yourself and your team with our superior products, and have them available at all times. It is essential that you know our products inside and out, so as to properly inform and guide your customers to which would best fit their needs. We will provide training and materials to support that goal. We ask that you begin with a minimum opening order of $2,500, however, we have a small business program for growing retailers. Please ask a wholesale rep for more information. Minimum reorders are $500 with an annual minimum of $5,000. Most importantly is your willingness to represent the Ambary Gardens brand, as it truly deserves.

Who is Wholesaler NOT right for?

If you’re looking to jump on the CBD bandwagon in hopes of a quick profit, there are MANY options available, we’re just not one of them. Buying and selling CBD is not difficult in today’s growing market. What sets Ambary apart from the rest is our desire and willingness to educate our customers. We listen with attentiveness and empathy to help guide individuals towards the right product for their specific needs and always put our customers first. You may want to consider our affiliate program if you plan to promote Ambary products on your website or don’t feel you’ll qualify for the wholesale program.

Wholesaler Application

  • Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, gif.
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