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A Visit to the Ambary Gardens Hemp Garden

CBD Extraction…Not Every Extraction is Equal

Is My CBD Oil Really a Tincture?

Serialized and Tested

Every batch of CBD Oil is given a unique designation and sent for independent verification by Botanacor Labs.

High CBD

We are able to produce huge amounts of CBD per square foot in our green house by utilizing high tech, sustainable, organic growing techniques.

High Quality

We have complete control of every step of the creation of our products. Everything is done in-house for maximum quality control.

Coconut MCT Oil

Medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil ensure maximum shelf-life and helps keep our products from separating after bottling.

Ambary's Helping Hand Program

We're excited to announce our new Helping Hand program to help those who might not have the means to purchase the wellness products they need.


Your service to our country is SO APPRECIATED! All U.S. military veterans are eligible to receive a discount on all full-price retail orders.



Sometimes life gets challenging…we understand. Anyone who falls at, or under, the federal poverty level may be eligible to receive a discount on full-price retail orders.



If you are long-term medically disabled you are eligible to receive a discount on full-price retail orders.