What's up with Water Soluble? – Ambary Gardens

“When you suddenly become full-time parent, teacher, principal, playmate, etc… daily CBD has never been more necessary! Thank you Ambary water soluble” -Tami-

In our many years of working with people and CBD, our team is constantly reminded of one beautiful fact: everybody is different and every BODY is different.  From dosage needs to digestion, I cannot tell you how many times we have sat down with a person in one of our storefront locations and learned of a unique way that CBD helps them in their lives.  Through these one-on-one conversations, we have been able to learn what our customers like and do not like so we can always continue to innovate!  In fact, this is exactly how the Water-Soluble Rapid Delivery 150 was developed, which is the topic of today’s conversation.  Our customers wanted an easy-to-take product that was faster to absorb than traditional oils… We listened!

So… the first question we want to tackle: what does water soluble mean?  Put very simply, water soluble is the ability to dissolve in water.  If you’ve ever mixed sugar in your coffee, you know exactly what we are talking about.  What begins as a larger solid is slowly dissolved and mixes throughout the liquid it was poured into.  Now, on the other side of things: if you were to pour some fish oil in your coffee (got to get those essential fatty acids) you can mix with all your might but it will remain in little bubbles of oil and will never fully mix.  Some things are water soluble while others are fat-soluble.

Let’s move away from the coffee metaphor for a moment and talk about how this all plays a role in how you absorb nutrients.  In the process of our digestion, we see things as fat-soluble nutrients and water-soluble nutrients.  Examples of fat-soluble nutrients include oils, fats, and vitamins A, D, E, and K carbs, proteins, minerals, and vitamins C, B6 and B12 are all water-soluble nutrients.  While they are all important and will digest in due time, it takes much longer for your body to break down the fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients than it does the water-soluble ones.  This is faster absorption makes for one of the key benefits in our water-soluble line of products.  As well, they mix very easily into any beverage for a quick and easy way to take your daily dosage of CBD!

Now, this is not all to say that water-soluble CBD products are somehow superior to fat-soluble CBD products.  Some of our most popular products here at Ambary Gardens are fat-soluble: our Full-Spectrum Daily line, CBD Softgel line, and our CBD Caramels are all great examples of these kinds of high-quality products that our customers love!  However, everybody is different and every BODY is different.  It is our goal to make a wide variety of products to fit our wide variety of customers so that we can always find you just what you need.  If what you need is for your daily dosage of CBD to absorb faster and more efficiently than traditional oil-based extracts, try the Water-Soluble Rapid Delivery 150 today!

Don’t just take our word for it, this review for the Water-Soluble Rapid Delivery 150 says it all:

“Have tried this in coffee and sprite. Myself along with others I’ve been around that have taken the product could not believe how fast you can feel the effects. I think this will be the wave of the future. I heard it is amazing on people with migraines, fortunately I don’t battle that but I work with people that do. Another amazing product from Ambary.” (5 Stars)