Your CBD Extraction Choice Could Have a Huge Impact on You

With Earth Day approaching, and more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now taking part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world, according to Earth Day Network, we thought we’d share some thoughts about taking care of the environment from a CBD viewpoint. After all, you have the power to “vote” for CBD producers with your dollar so, if the environment is of importance to you, make sure your votes count.

Hemp Grown with Organic Practices

Okay, this is a touchy subject, we know. Especially when our own CBD brand doesn’t yet carry the USDA Certified Organic seal (we don’t YET – we are in the application process now, so stay tuned). For a long time, industrial hemp growers weren’t able to apply for certification, due to a moratorium placed by the Department of Agriculture to not allow hemp to be certified. However, this is changing with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. That said, many CBD companies utilize organic practices in spite of the fact that they haven’t been certified by the USDA.

At Ambary Gardens, it’s a matter of doing the right thing for our patrons and the planet we all live on. That’s why we grow our own industrial hemp so we ARE THE SOURCE of our hemp and we can control how it’s grown and cared for. Our hemp is grown with organic and sustainable practices, so you won’t see pesticides showing upon on our CoA’s. By feeding our industrial hemp plants with organic compost teas that are changed according to plant needs, we mimic nature to create a beneficial balance where very little human intervention is necessary. We take great care to re-amend on site and reuse our soil. Each plant is cared for, by hand, by cannabis growing professionals who have years of experience and strive to make the entire system a closed loop.

On the contrary, hemp growers who use conventional farming practices employ massive amounts of chemical fertilizers to sustain their crops. Remember… anything used on hemp plants will eventually end up in the final CBD oil so, obviously, you want to know if there is ANY chance that your hemp was grown with these chemicals.

Not to mention the importance of keeping our growers safe from years of possible damage that synthetic chemicals can cause over time. Thankfully, none of our employees have to “suit up” to prevent an earthworm attack, or a compost tea nozzle failure, or a million other bad things that can happen in a garden that does not follow these practices, and the risk factors involved.

And from the perspective of our planet Earth, scientists believe that water management issues, global warming, and fertilizer runoff are contributing to the proliferation of toxic algae to our oceans. The choices CBD consumers make now could have a huge impact on slowing that process.

CBD Product Ingredients, Extraction, and Packaging

Sustainable practices are a high priority at Ambary Gardens. As a result, we are constantly searching out the most ethical companies to source our base oil and essential oil ingredients. We will never knowingly source from a company we do not feel meets our standard of quality and shares our passion for having the Earth’s best interests at heart.

At Ambary Gardens, we take the time to extract without harmful byproducts so you know the products you purchase are safe and you’re getting what you pay for. Learn more about our CBD extraction process here.

Packaging CBD products is another sore subject for us (and likely for many of you) because the options for packaging aren’t often the most Earth-friendly. While the bottles and jars that we use for our CBD oils and CBD salves are recyclable, the lids and droppers are not. So far we’ve not been able to source alternatives that meet our sustainable mission 100%. If you can find ways to reuse the jars and their lids, we would encourage that, but we know you probably don’t have many uses for tincture style bottles and droppers. Ugh, we’re hopeful for Earth-friendly alternatives in the near future!

Additionally, you’ll notice that we don’t package our bottle and jars in fancy boxes. That’s on purpose. We just don’t feel that adding another layer of packaging falls in line with our sustainable approach. We’re willing to give up fancy boxes and assume you agree with this decision too.

It’s YOUR BODY and the planet that we all live on…make sure your CBD is produced with both in mind.

While we can’t claim 100% sustainability we do what we can to ensure that our products and practices are as environmentally friendly as possible and we’ll continue to improve along the way because we love living here and we’d like it to be an amazingly healthful experience…now and for future generations to come.

Questions about our sustainable hemp and organically grown CBD products? Please leave a comment or question below, and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.

Live Well and Comfortable!
The Ambary Gardens Team