Terpenes: An Introduction – Ambary Gardens

Here at Ambary Gardens, we’ve always believed in Full Spectrum hemp oil. Our full product line, including our pet products embraces this kind of hemp oil, grown in our very own Kittredge greenhouse facility. The rich variety of cannabinoids in our hemp oil make a big difference in the quality of our products, but now the time has come to talk about the other family of compounds that make our oil different and define it as Full Spectrum called Terpenes.

While cannabinoids are found mostly in cannabis, terpenes are found in all other types of plants, too! Terpenes are a family of aromatic compounds that give plants, fruits, and even some animals their unique smells. These unique combinations of terpenes are the building blocks of essential oils and even have their own unique health benefits. Feel an uplifting rush when you break open an orange? That’s a terpene called Limonene. Feel a relaxing lull wash over you when you smell lavender? That comes from a terpene called Linalool. From pepper to pine, rose to radish, terpenes combine to make up many of your favorite smells and tastes.

For many years now, companies have been using terpenes in perfumes, drinks, and foods to make all sorts of flavors and smells for their products. Recently, the potential health benefits of these compounds have been brought into the spotlight, and the research is very promising. For instance, beta-caryophyllene (a terpene found in large amounts in clove and pepper) has been heavily studied for its anti-fungal, anti-microbial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. Another example, Myrcene (a terpene found in many kinds of stone fruit) has been studied for its potent anti-anxiety properties. With thousands of terpenes out there, we here at Ambary Gardens are very excited at the potential terpenes hold, and we look forward to seeing them used to their potential.