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Okay, we know that Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time for you to express your love to the HUMAN companions in your life, but we thought we’d put our own twist on the month of LOVE and address the love we have for those furry companions in our lives!

Almost every team member at Ambary Gardens has pet companions and we all have our own stories about how CBD has helped them. We’d like to share some of these stories with you so that you might find ways to show your love and use CBD for pets to help them deal with anxiety, sleep issues, joint pain, sores, and more.

Using CBD for Pet Injuries

Sarah and Luna

Sarah and Luna - CBD for Pets - CBD for Cats and DogsLuna Bean (just one of her love names) is super involved whenever there is dog playing going down (she’s a social girl). As happens when dogs play, she sometimes catches a rogue tooth or claw to the skin. Sarah (loving mom that she is) smears CBD Deep Rub into puncture wounds to help prevent infection and speed up the healing process.

Luna also does a little stress licking when she gets nervous. She chews and licks the end of her tail so much that it ends up completely raw. These “hot spots” heal really well when CBD Deep Rub is applied. Because it also tastes gross so she stops licking…win-win. All the ingredients are safe for her to ingest if she does give it try but the taste usually gives her pause.

Because Luna is faster than a speeding bullet, sometimes the ground catches up to her a little faster than she realizes. She’s notorious for taking super quick turns on gravel and ripping her dew claws to smithereeeeeens. They look BRUTAL! Sarah often soaks her tootsies in CBD Soothing Soak to help soothe and heal her claws.

Jess and Zephyr

Sarah and Luna - CBD for Pets - CBD for Cats and DogsZephyr had a deformed paw when she was adopted by Jess. She was in a breeding program and they broke her back legs so that she would be more submissive in her kennel (ugh, who could do such a thing to a sweet little dog?).

Jess started a regimen of soaking her paw in CBD Soothing Soak over the course of a few months she actually got comfortable stretching out her paw, started being more mobile, and she was able to put weight on her paw.

Surprisingly, she also started accepting human touch! We can only surmise that CBD helps Zephyr cope with some of the destructive memories that she has.

Using CBD for Pet Anxiety

Megan and Rodney

Sarah and Luna - CBD for Pets - CBD for Cats and Dogs“Rodney Roo” has always been an anxious dog. He was terrified of humans that were not members of our family as a pup and into adulthood. When I started working at Ambary I started giving Rodney a few drops of CBD Extract on his breakfast and dinner. He started welcoming love and affection from strangers so I started bringing him to work with me. Now Rodney greets people without feeling like he needs to hide or run the other direction (he doesn’t even have the classic “tail tuck” of fear).

At 14 years old, Rodney takes Daily Full Spectrum CBD Extra Strength 5000mg, both morning and night. I put about a quarter dropper into his kibble, mixed with cooked chicken and carrots, and mix that up.

I drop daily CBD oil onto a treat if he is having a particularly “stiff-jointed” day. When he had dental surgery, I added Nano Encapsulated CBD to a piece of soft chicken to help ease the swelling from surgery and to help the pain, discomfort, and sleeping issues he experienced due to the anesthesia.

Every day I add a few drops of the Rapid Delivery Water Soluble CBD to his water dish for a continual “micro-dosing” or “time release” of CBD throughout the day to ensure a constant flow of CBD to his delightful doggie cells.

Other Surprising Uses of CBD Products for Pets

Deep Rub CBD Salve can be applied to any skin issues such as dry, calloused elbows, skin abrasions, or any weird belly rashes from grass to help the healing process and relieve pain.

CBD Skin Repair applied to paw pads that need a little love, especially in the winter, can help repair cracked and aching paws. It also adds a nice layer between paw pads and snow, to give our furry beasts a bit of extra protection from frostbite or snow dingleberries between the toes!

Using CBD for pets injuries and ailments can be an effective way to relieve your furry friend ’s pain and anxiety, and it’s a great way to share your love… the CBD way! Let us know how you’ve used CBD Oils for your dog or cat below in the comments.