CBD Extraction…Not Every Extraction is Equal

CBD Extraction...Not Every Extraction is Equal

If you buy (or are considering buying) CBD extract products, it’s important to know the CBD oil extraction process used to make the products you’re considering to ensure that it’s the highest quality possible. Just like all hemp plants aren’t the same, CBD extraction methods can vary greatly. You want to be sure that the CBD extraction method being used for the products you buy results in the highest quality product possible.

How are CBD Extracts Made?

Efficiently extracting CBD oil from cannabis (hemp) requires the use of specialized techniques and equipment to ensure that the cannabinoids are not damaged by solvents or heat. At Ambary Gardens, we extract CBD in small batches, taking great care to extract in a manner that removes the byproducts we don’t necessarily want in the oil, while getting the highest concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. The quality of the final CBD product is directly related to the quality of the plant material and the quality of the extraction process.

While there is no one perfect method of extraction, we’ve chosen food grade ethanol extraction at Ambary Gardens. Our lab technicians, Grant and Justin, have perfected a proprietary process (that means we can’t tell you what the entire process entails) that yields the highest concentrations of cannabinoids from our high-quality hemp plants. Taking great measures to remove as much residual ethanol from the byproduct after extraction, without compromising the cannabinoid and terpene profile captured initially, is the standard at Ambary.

In our effort to reduce chemical waste from the process, the ethanol removed from the finished concentrate is reused in multiple extractions.

High-Quality CBD Extracts: Testing and Transparency

Every extraction is tested by an independent third-party lab to ensure accurate potency. Certificates of Analysis (CoA) are available for every product we sell so you can rest assured you’re getting what you pay for.

In addition to testing for accurate CBD potency, you should also review the CoA for:

Pesticide testing: Our hemp is grown with organic and sustainable practices so you won’t see pesticides showing upon on our CoA. If you buy from another source, be sure you check their CoA for pesticides. The last ingredient you need in your wellness products is poison.

Microbiological testing: This test ensures that no mold or harmful bacteria were on the hemp that was used to make the CBD oil. Any pathogens that are present on the plants can easily get inside the body and have a negative effect on your health.

Residual Solvents testing: A thorough lab test will test for any residual solvents. Make sure your products are made from concentrate that has as much ethanol removed as possible. If different extraction methods are used, you’ll see those results as well.

Terpene testing: Terpenes are what gives hemp oil the distinctive color and flavor unique to each strain of the plant. It is from the terpenes that we get flavors like mint, berry, citrus or pine. And they are also believed to have beneficial effects on health.

High-Quality CBD Extract Means Higher Prices, Improved Safety, AND Better Results

You might wonder why our products are priced higher than many of our competitors. It’s all in the quality of the plants and the CBD extraction that yields the high potency that we can back up with third-party tests. At Ambary Gardens, we take the time and care to grow and extract without harmful byproducts so you know you’re getting what you pay for. We could cut corners and reduce our price but that wouldn’t help us meet our mission of providing products we can stand behind.

Questions about CBD extraction? Shoot them over in comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Live Well and Comfortable!
The Ambary Gardens Team



  1. Lori says

    Hi! I recently started taking CBD oil for help with insomnia. My brother is interested because he has stage 4 small cell lung cancer. They are only giving him 3-4 months to live bc he has stopped all treatments bc they were making him so sick. How do you determine dosage and what’s best for him?

    • Jess Reynolds says

      When anyone is wanting to start out working with CBD, our first advice is slow and low. Because everyone’s body is so different, we find this the best rule of thumb for the average person. For this, we usually see a customer try a product like our 500mg Daily Full Spectrum; which gives 17mg of CBD at a time. This lets them work with a constant dose of CBD for a few days and lets them find out how CBD works for them at that particular dose. With all of this in mind, I think it could be said that a situation like the one you’ve laid out with your brother could be considered an extenuating circumstance to work with a little more aggressive amounts of CBD. I think we want to know most of all that your brother would be getting “enough” CBD; and we can always more easily ensure that at a higher dose. There is no known toxic levels of CBD, so going right to our 1,000 or 5,000mg Full Spectrum oils should be no worry. We want him to work with this in a way that makes him comfortable and safe. Would you be able to organize a phone call with an Ambary Gardens CBD specialist sometime soon to answer any other questions you have? We’re available 9-5, 7 days a week at (720) 328-1514.

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