A Visit to the Ambary Gardens Hemp Garden – Ambary Gardens

The process of growing CBD-rich hemp in a greenhouse environment is, well, we think it’s AMAZINGLY FASCINATING, so we thought we’d give you a tour of sorts so that you can learn a bit more about what goes into growing the hemp for our quality organic CBD products.

Keep in mind that it takes over SEVEN MONTHS to go from a rooted clone to bottling the products we sell. It also requires a HUGE amount of expertise, both gardening know-how and a strong knowledge of the properties of hemp and how to cultivate it so that we get the highest concentrations and highest quality organic CBD.

Healthy Soil…Healthy Hemp

Those of you who know Ambary Gardens may be surprised (and maybe saddened) to learn that we’ve outgrown the aquaponics system that was implemented when we first opened. While the fish are no longer residing at Ambary 😩 you can rest assured that our garden remains sustainable and organic. Because, if there’s one thing we know, it’s that the CBD and terpenes that come from hemp grown in an organic garden are far superior plants grown using synthetic nutrients.

Every week Josh and Nick, two of our CBD hemp growing professionals, dump the old pots into a compost pile to begin breaking down. We recycle the soil using only a few basic amendments to keep it active. It is chopped up, put back into pots and fed freshly brewed compost tea throughout its life.

Healthy soil means healthy plants, and healthy hemp plants are far more resistant to bugs and mold. If we do need to address issues in the garden, we keep it simple and use only organic solutions. Bottom line…our expert growers strive to make the entire system a closed loop. Reusing and recycling as much as possible in order to promote a culture of sustainability.

The Advantage of Greenhouse Grown Hemp

Growing hemp in a greenhouse, while not common, offers many advantages that can affect the final organic CBD products.

In addition to allowing for year-round hemp cultivation, greenhouses utilize the power of the sun’s full spectrum of light which aids in the production of high CBD and terpene content. Greenhouses also protect our CBD hemp gardens from harsh environmental conditions, provide a warm climate and produce a more consistent product than crops grown outdoors.

Because our hemp isn’t grown in a big field, each plant is cared for, by hand, by hemp growing professionals who have years of experience.

Harvest…Hang to Dry…Hand Strip

Our hemp plants are ready to harvest after a few months of tender loving care in the greenhouse. At harvest, Megan and Jon cut and hang each plant upside down in a room dedicated to the drying process. Now, this drying process is something that we take our time with. Sure, we could rush the process but we know that this will affect the end product so we just learn patience and let the drying process take its course.

Yay! The hemp is dry! Time to remove all the ‘good stuff’ (you know, the stuff with all the cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) from the stalk. This is lovingly done, by hand, one stalk at a time, by Megan and Jon … and Megan’s furry friend, Rodney, is there for moral support (and sometimes a bit of comic relief).

The dried materials are batched and stored for additional time, turning often to ensure they stay dry before they are released to the lab for extraction of the precious CBD oil. We’ll take you on a tour of the lab in our next blog post.

Whew! Who knew there was so much time, expertise and patience going into growing, harvesting and preparing hemp plants to produce organic CBD oil? Luckily, we’re blessed with a team that LOVES what they do and who they do it for…TLC (NOT, THC) is definitely a main ingredient in our CBD products and it shows in the quality!

Questions about growing hemp for CBD? Shoot them over in comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Live Well and Comfortable!
The Ambary Gardens Team