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The Seed

At Ambary Gardens greenhouses, we practice organic hemp farming. We know that the quality of our hemp remedies depends on the quality of our hemp plants. This philosophy is the seed to our success at Ambary Gardens.

Growing enriched yielding terpenes and cannabinoid hemp plants starts with providing the best seed genetics. Our grow staff stays at the forefront of constant evolving genetics research are continuously developing new pheno-types that are always farm bill-compliant.

New “pheno-types” are carefully labeled and begin the process of growing in our greenhouse. Throughout the course of their life, they are tracked and are checked at key points for quality and health. Once mature, they are tested for cannabinoid and terpene potency by a certified third-party lab.

While a lot of work goes into seed development, the bulk of our operation is maintained through cloning selected plants to maintain consistent high-quality yields. The natural process of taking cuts from a mother plant and growing them as copies of the original allows us to grow thousands of plants with the same terpene and cannabinoid contents. Most importantly, this process, inherently, allows to keep producing consistent quality into our final products.

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