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The Product

Our focus at Ambary Gardens is to bring greater comfort and wellbeing to everyone we serve through the highest-quality hemp-derived remedies. From our greenhouse to our lab to our customer service team, each department comes together for this one common goal in our full line of high-quality CBD products.

With Ambary Gardens, you know that each product has been carefully researched to bring you only the best, and we want to work with you to find the product that fits your lifestyle. Our staff of CBD Specialists are available to answer any questions you might have; just call or e-mail today! Together we can find what’s right for you.

Each Ambary Gardens product has been specially formulated to deliver CBD in the most efficient way possible. The essential oil blends unique to each of our topical products have been specifically selected alongside our full-spectrum hemp oil to aid the goal of each salve. Our Skin repair uses oils like ylang-ylang and bergamot to help moisturize and heal the top layers of your skin. Our Muscle Recovery uses deep-penetrating and warming oils such as peppermint, clove, and nutmeg to drive deeper into muscles and relax them. Our Deep Rub Salve has the deepest-penetrating oils with arnica, calendula, and eucalyptus bringing relief to joints and other deep-born inflammation. Additionally, each edible product we make contains only organic ingredients that are each selected to bring you the most effective experience possible.

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