The Lab – Ambary Gardens

The Lab

Our state-of-the-art lab facility is located in Golden, Colorado, just a few miles down the road from our greenhouse. The lab allows our expert formulation team to craft our cutting-edge hemp products in a safe and clean environment. From topicals to tinctures to edibles, all Ambary Gardens products are produced at this location. This grow to direct-to-market approach allows for fast turn-around times and a wider ability to customize products for our customers using quality raw products that have been under our own control.

Our team has been formulating and perfecting our current line of hemp products since 2016. Constantly testing, they are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to bring efficacious CBD products to you!

Each Ambary Gardens product has a unique, well-researched blend of organic essential oils that produce a more effective CBD experience. All products are tested in a state-certified, third-party lab to assure quality and potency. This process of research and formulation helps us make products that help our customers find wellness.

The blends of essential oils that vary between products, are well researched and only the very best organic standards of essential oils are chosen for our formulas. In addition, all of Ambary products are produced with our own organically grown and extracted oil.

Our farm grown extracted oil will always be Farm Bill-compliant expressing less than 0.3% THC and THCa, combined. Ambary oil is incredibly rich in CBD and the other beneficial compounds of terpenes cannabinoids. Since our plants are all grown under climate-controlled greenhouse conditions, our oil maintains a consistent profile year-round. This means a consistent, effective product for you and your family!

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