The Harvest – Ambary Gardens

The Harvest

With so much effort going into growing the highest quality hemp plants, harvesting the plant’s flowers becomes a special time of the plant’s life cycle. Each week, we are harvesting fully grown plants on one end of the greenhouse while cycling new clones into place at the other. Every stage of the plant’s life cycle is happening somewhere in our greenhouse at any given time.

After our plants are cared for, they are readied for harvest. We prune the flower stems from the main truck, and hang the flowers in a special ventilated, darkened drying room. This method fulfills one of our philosophical views of growing hemp by creating a smaller carbon footprint and still provide a higher yielding perpetual harvest. In addition, handling the flowers in such a way does not damage the tender and highly important trichomes that produce the CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.

After the drying process we shuck the flowers from the stems and prepare the bins to be transferred to our extraction facility. The collected flowers (biomass) do not harbor any stems or other foreign materials. All our biomass is then extracted into full spectrum CBD oil using food-grade ethanol in a regulated safe environment before being sent to our lab for formulation.

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