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The Grow

To provide the best quality in our hemp remedies, we arguably grow some of the highest yielding CBD producing hemp plants. With that said, we grow our hemp in our own indoor greenhouse facility located in Kittredge, Colorado. Nestled in the foothills 45 miles west of Denver, this facility provides us the greenhouse space to grow, breed, and care for our hemp plants for the past 6 years.

Our expert grow staff bring a combined 35 years of experience in growing the highest-quality hemp. Their passion for cultivating happy, healthy plants has been a key part of the Ambary mission. Their priority is to raise plants that are terpene-rich and have a broad cannabinoid spectrum to provide customers with the best experience possible.

Operating year-round, our expert grow staff carefully tends the plants through multiple divided rooms for absolute environmental control. Each room is set up to provide an optimal environment for the plants at each stage of their lives, allowing the plants a happy and stress-free environment to thrive.

There are many advantages to growing our hemp in a greenhouse. For instance, it allows us the ability to grow our hemp year-round in what is known as a perpetual harvest. This growing technique allows our plants to be continually harvested to provide biomass for extraction to produce a continuous flow of fresh oil. Not oil that stands for months in a warehouse distribution center.

Additionally, it allows us better control over the entire grow cycle of the plant in addition to decreasing the risk of pests, environmental hazards, and out-door contaminants. Our plants are cultivated with organic growing practices only. Each plant is amended with biodynamic compost, a blend of dry amendments, and watered throughout its entire life in the garden.

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