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Price: $123.75


CBD is being studied far and wide for its anti-inflammatory potential, both internally and externally. In no community is this more apparent than those that suffer from arthritis in all its forms.  We designed this pack to help address the pain and inflammation that come along with arthritis through our Deep Rub Salve and 500mg Daily Full Spectrum hemp oil.  Everyone is different, but this 500mg bottle should allow you to find the dosage you need, just follow the instructions on the bottle or call us during regular business hours with any questions you may have.  Then, apply the Deep Rub to achy, sore, and inflamed joints as many times a day as you feel necessary.  This two-pronged approach is a great way to take arthritis head-on with some great anti-inflammatory potential.


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  1. This product has given me relief from pain and general discomfort from spinal stenosis. I HIGHLY recommend this product line to anyone. I’ve shared a sample with a couple-worker for her husband who has chronic pain and it’s helped him so much, they want to purchase the Deep Rub

    Patti Quarles (verified owner)

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