Mount Evans – Ambary Gardens

To our loyal followers, family, and friends 

Despite the challenges of 2020, we feel enriched in serving you in exploring solutions in alternative health care options. 

Your daily calls with questions and stories of finding relief give us meaning to continue our tasks to serve you, despite the many daily worries of what is termed “the new norm”.   Your messages are heart-warming as we share these stories quietly and respectfully within our staff.  They lift our spirits and give us continued meaning to continue our efforts yet another day.  

In turn, I have wondered how best to answer the call of thanks.  Do we thank you through providing creative discounts to entice purchases of Ambary products versus the sea of other CBD companies? Can we do more than our “Helping Hands”, “Family and Friends” or “Vets” discount programs?    

We asked how Ambary can continue to make a difference to help the many fine front line support groups in our county. We decided to support the Mount Evans Home Health Care and Hospice, who have steadfastly assisted our mountain community for years, with unending care for families and individuals needing medical and palliative support. 

To assist their efforts, Ambary will donate 3% of each retail purchase to Mount Evans during Dec. 1st through Dec. 24, 2020.  In addition, we have found a silent donor who will match the final donation.  

Even in these tumultuous times, we hope we can spark that feeling of empowerment in each of you to give back to those who have helped so many others in need, and in turn they can use our support during this season of giving.  Please consider a donation even if it’s not through a purchase. Feel free to donate directly to Mount Evans Hospice.  

We wish all of you a peaceful and prosperous Holiday Season. 

Be well, 

The staff of Ambary Gardens