Dreaming your way to Wellness – Ambary Gardens

We have all heard it before, but perhaps it was Benjamin Franklin who said it most memorably: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”  We all know sleep is important, but it might be shocking to find out just how important it is!  Today, we look at sleep, its undeniable role it plays in overall health and how we think Ambary can help with that.

Believe it or not, the research into our sleep and how it effects our health began quite recently.  The first roots were put down in 1875 when electrical signals were studied in the brains of sleeping animals.  The first human research would come in 1929 with Hans Berger and his EEG machine.  Short for “electroencephalography”, this device measured electrical activity in the brain that would eventually lead to the mapping of sleep cycles.  These cycles, where our brain transitions between periods of deep rest (NREM), and periods of heightened brain activity (REM), are what we now understand control how well the body and mind can heal during your night’s sleep.

In particular, the transition that the body goes through between NREM and REM sleep has been found to be particularly helpful in allowing the body to repair itself and log the memories of the previous day.  This cycle has been found to be large part of the body’s healing process.  In fact, the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has made the connection between REM sleep and all sorts of issues within the human body.  Everything from impaired immune system function, depression, and even increased pain have been linked to an improper or missing REM cycle.  We have now learned that sleep is about much more than time to rest and recharge…

-Sleep is a pivotal part of the body’s natural cycle of healing-

Luckily, if you or someone you love is struggling to find a good night’s sleep, Ambary Gardens can help!  Our new formula, called Ambary Dream, has not only 300mg of CBD, but 300mg of CBN as well.  While CBD and CBN both come from the same family of chemicals (cannabinoids), they are being researched for vastly different potential.  CBN is well-known for its sedative and calming properties so it is a perfect addition to CBD for your nightly routine and to help bring some balance to your sleep cycle.  Try it today over in our CBD Shop or if you have questions you can always contact one of our CBD Specialists.