CBD Infused Tattoo Healing Aftercare Kit

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You’ve invested time and money in your tattoo and, because we know how much you love your tattoo, we want to help you protect it. The first step in protecting your piece comes with healing and maintaining it properly in those pivotal first few days after you get up from the chair. Help calm the spiky inflammation of line-work and soothe the burn across those larger patches of color and shade with this CBD infused 3-step tattoo aftercare kit. These three products are built to help you heal faster, and with less pain so that you can get back to your life or get back to finishing that masterpiece.


Step 1: Immediate inflammation relief with the Cool Spray


  • Used immediately after tattooing through day 2 of healing


Formulated as a powerful anti-inflammatory, this cooling, and soothing spray will work wonders in the beginning days of healing your new tattoo. Apply after each cleaning (always follow recommendations by your tattoo artist, but most advise washing your new tattoo 1-2 times a day with anti-bacterial, non-dyed, non-scented soap) then dry tattoo, apply Cool Spray and give it 5-10 minutes to soak in before deciding if more is needed. Apply as often as you feel necessary throughout the day, making sure to keep the piece moisturized and clean.


Step 2: On-the-Go relief in your first week with the Soothing Roll-on


  • Used from day 2 through your first week of healing


Now that the initial inflammation has subsided, it’s time to kick-start that healing with the Soothing Roll-on. With the added benefits of Frankincense, Cassia, and Balsam Fir in this formula, the soreness doesn’t stand a chance in your first week. This CBD roll-on is working to heal any bruising or deeper tissue damage, so apply often!


Step 3: Long-Term Skincare with the Dermal Silk


  • Used when your tattoo has healed enough to touch (usually day 2) and from then on as a maintenance skincare regimen


The final step in tattoo skincare is in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy for years to come, and our Dermal Silk is ready to do just that.  Apply in small amounts at a time at first to find the amount needed to cover your size of tattoo, then work steadily into the skin until soft and smooth.  The tattoo should appear slightly wet but not greasy when application is complete, and the formula should set into the skin within 15-20 minutes at which time you can reapply if needed.  Keep continual maintenance of your tattoo to conserve your bright colors, maintain contrast in your black and grey, and keep line-work sharp and crisp for years to come.

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