99% Isolate CBD – 1 Gram

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Price: $60.00


We took our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract and put it through a distillation process to separate any other cannabinoid or terpene, leaving only the CBD molecule. Recommended for vaping, dabbing, or infusing into your own topical or edible creation. 1 gram of this pure CBD crystalline isolate will deliver 990 milligrams to 1000 milligrams per 1 gram, depending on batch test. This product is THC free.

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  1. I never expected a flavor like that when I smoked the Isolate. I ended up adding it to my flower to boost my CBD intake.

    M. T.

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99% pure CBD Isolate

There are many uses for CBD Isolate powder.  For vaping or dabbing, place a small amount into a quartz atomizer/ wax vape pen, or to a heated quartz nail. It is suggested to mix the CBD Isolate powder into your fatty carrier oil of choice between 175°F-200°F to fully emulsify if making your own topical’s etc. Never heating over 320°F due to possible damage or evaporation. The CBD Isolate powder is pre activated and does not need to be decarboxylated for effect.  This is an oil soluble product.