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Our mission is to provide next-generation products that will demonstrate rapid delivery and greater efficacy for more comfortable living and well-being to all that we serve

From salve, to soaks, to sprays, to concentrate, or even tinctures we have a delivery method for almost any situation.


The Ambary Guarantee


Serialized and Tested


Every batch of our product is given a unique designation and sent for independent verification by Botanaco Labs

High Quality


We have complete control of every step of the creation of our products. Everything is done in-house for maximum quality control.


Every product sold by Ambary Gardens has a certificate of authenticity that you can access on our website. When you shop with us you know you’re getting exactly what you pay for.




Our staff genuinely cares about each and every customer and will listen carefully to make sure they get the product that’s right for them. This one-on-one interaction means you leave our store with a personal connection to Ambary Gardens. We have a philosophy of try-before-you-buy, offering affordable samples from our Garden Center of almost any product. We want you to know it works before you even have to open your pocketbook.
Call our store and speak to a Specialist to see for yourself!

Shop Pet Products

Our pets feel the aches and pains of a life well-lived as much as we do. Keep your best bud carefree and living thier best life with these pet products!

Shop Arthritis Pack

We designed this pack to help address the pain and inflammation that come along with arthritis. This two-pronged approach is a great way to take arthritis head-on with some great anti-inflammatory potential.

Shop Relax Pack

Life is full of challenges that can make it challenging to relax. That’s why we designed this Relax Pack!

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Grow Green

Ambary Gardens is all about organic growing practices: no pesticides and our plants are never fed with nutrient blends. We re-amend on site and reuse our soil. Each plant is cared for by hand by seasoned growing professionals who have years of experience.

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